Walking Your Dog On a Dark Night

With the evenings getting shorter and darker it is important to keep you and your dog safe when out walking. The “Be safe, be seen” motto adapted by the Road Safety Authority is the first rule that everyone should follow when going outdoors in darker weather.

Hi-vis equipment is not human specific, it is also available for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Reflective collars and leads are perfect for most pets. They are easy to fit and come ready to be used. For darker dogs, a little more illumination may be required. You can try a flashing collar clip, or even a Hi-Vis coat!

Some jackets for dogs will be purely reflective, with visibility as the only intention. Some dogs need to keep warm as well as looking fashionable! For these colder pooches, it’s a good idea to get a well fitted, fleece lined doggy jacket available at your local Petworld.

As with anytime you walk at night, it is important to stick to well lit areas. This helps both you and your pet to see where you are going so you can both avoid any dangerous obstacles.

We recommend avoiding traffic if possible. If you are walking on a road then always walk towards traffic and raise your flashlight to make sure that you are seen, taking care not to blind the oncoming driver!

Always carry a flashlight with you to illuminate anywhere with very low light. We recommend a headlight, the style worn by mushers and miners, so that your hands are free to hold onto your dog and clean up.

Always use a leash
– as well behaved as your pet may be, low light and unfamiliar surroundings may startle your dog so be vigilant and take care. We have several different harnesses available such as the Halti Dog Harness or theĀ K9 Julius Dog HarnessĀ that can make your walking experience a lot easier and safer for both of you.

Although it is not a simple task and will involve the devotion of some of your time, you can drop into any of our stores and talk to a member of our staff about how to train your dog to walk with you, rather than against you.

There are also many tools available which may make the job a little less daunting, as they send a signal to your dog which will encourage them to walk correctly.

Every dog is different, but any of our staff will be happy to help you fit your dog for a head collar, or an anti-pull harness and explain to you how to use them with your dog.