Dog with suitcase

Tips for traveling with your dog

Summer Staycations and Day Trips are back in full swing.  The best part about these trips is getting to bring our dogs with us. Just picture a road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way with your pooch by your side! Keep reading to get some helpful tips for traveling with your dog. 


It's important that you come prepared - don't just make a checklist for yourself, but also for your dog. Check out our must have dog travel accessories below: 

  • A Dog carrier: It's the law to have your dog safely secured in the car - a good way to keep your dog secure is through the use of a carrier. We recommend the Hagen Pet Carrier Voyageur. This well ventilated carrier is available in four different sizes. It has a hatch on the top that allows you to reach your hand in and comfort your pet if they're nervous. The carrier also comes with a feeding bowl that can be stored in the lid, so you don't need to worry about bringing a bowl.
  • Dog Seat Belt or dog harness for car travel: If you’d like an alternative to a crate, a dog seat belt or harness is ideal. 
  • Spotted dog tagThis dog tag connects to your phone through an app to track your dogs location. This can really put your mind at ease, especially if your dog loves running away on adventures!
  • Coolpets Fresh 2Go Water Bottle: With this handy travel water bottle, your dog can drink water anytime, anywhere. It comes with a practical belt-clip and has anti-leak technology. Ideal for on the go!
  • Poop bags: No matter where we go, it's so important to bring poop bags and clean up after our dogs. We recommend the eco-friendly option - Biodegradable Poop Go Bags.
  • Dog food: Don’t forget to bring some food and snacks for your pooch! We recommend the Nice N Natural Pure brand which is super premium and provides different varieties tailored to your dogs needs. If you’d like some more info on this brand, check out our blog here
  • Collar/harness and lead: Don't forget a collar and lead! We recommend the Doodlebone range, which is full of different colours to suit your dog. Many public places require your dog to be on a lead so it's important not to forget this one.
  • Medication: Don't forget to bring your dogs medication, if they require any. 


Make sure you're staying in a pet-friendly location

The last thing you need is to book somewhere and have your dog turned away! Make sure you research the place you're staying at to make sure they're dog-friendly. Many places have a size limit for dogs along with a limit to the amount of dogs so ensure you check with the hotel.

If you're looking for recommendations, check out our blog here on pet-friendly hotels in Ireland. 

Include items for your dog in your checklist

Your dog will require a few things to make their trip just as fun as yours. You can follow our checklist above to find some of the pet travel essentials.

Our Crate Training bundle is also perfect for trips with your dog. It includes puppy pads, a crate and more. You can read more about this bundle here

Make sure your dogs wearing a dog tag

Even if your dog has already been microchipped, make sure they have a dog tag with your contact details on at all times. We recommend the Spotted dog tag which tracks your dogs location through an app on your phone.

Keep your dog on a lead

Not everybody loves having a dog running about the place - that's why it's important to be respectful and to keep your dog on a lead at all times. 

Write down the local vets details

Make sure you find the nearest vet to where your staying. Take down their address and phone number - if your dog runs into any problems or requires medication this will allow you to get there quickly. 

Be aware of dog anxiety during car travel

Not every dog will love sticking their heads out the car window. In fact, many dogs get travel anxiety and motion sickness from car travel. To combat this, make sure to make the environment as comfortable as possible for your pooch. You can do so by:

  • Keeping the windows down - ensure the car is cool enough for your dog at all times. 
  • Don't feed them right before your journey. Give them time to digest their food or it might end up all over the car!
  • Take them for a walk before the journey to limit their stress.
  • If your dog gets really anxious, you can try our HempOne Oil for dogs. This is a supplement which can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Have any additional questions or concerns? Feel free to pop into your local Petworld store  and our expert staff will answer any questions you may have!