Small breed dog with Nice 'N' Natural Pure

Teddys journey with Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure Small Breed

Every small breed dog has different nutritional requirements than those of a larger dog. It’s important that they’re fed the correct food to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure has a variety to suit every dog – whatever their size. Teddy is a small breed dog who has recently started his journey with Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure: Small breed chicken and brown rice. Since switching to this food, his overall wellness has greatly improved. Just keep scrolling to see his pet parents entire review!

Teddys journey

“Teddy’s a mix between a Westie and a Border Collie so he’s quite small. He’s at the age now where he’s starting to get a little fussier with his food. Before feeding him Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure, we always had to mix in his dry food with canned wet food to get him to eat it. 

A couple of months ago, we had started feeding our cat the Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure Senior Cat variety. After seeing how much the cat loved it, we picked up a bag of Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure Adult Small Breed for Teddy. He just completely devoured it! We didn’t even need to mix in the wet food. He cleaned his bowl and sat there wagging his tail for more!

We’ve been feeding him this range for a couple of months now and he’s still loving it. He seems to have more energy and his appetite has definitely improved. I would highly recommend!”

– Margaret, customer review

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Why Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure?

With Nice N Natural Pure, you’re guaranteed your dog will be eating a food that’s packed full of nutrition and 100% Irish. There are so many benefits, including:

  • It’s bursting with healthy fats and oils which are great for joint, skin and coat care.
  • It contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support
  • It contains prebiotics and seaweed to help support healthy gut and teeth.

With its Nutrient Fresh Management System, the nutrients are fully protected even in very hot and humid weather conditions so they remain fresh and nutritious.

Differences in the small breed variety of dog foods
  • Kibble for small breeds is usually smaller than the kibbe for larger breeds. This is because small breed dogs have a smaller set of jaws.
  • Small breed dog foods tend to have a higher energy source. This is because smaller breeds have a faster metabolism than large breeds.
  • Poor dental health and gastrointestinal issues are more common in smaller breeds. That’s why it’s important to feed them food that’s specifically tailored to their needs.
  • Larger breeds suffer from joint issues a lot more than small breeds do. Therefore, food that’s tailored to their needs and issues is essential for their health.

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