How To Lead Train Your Puppy

Lead training a puppy can be a tiresome task. Puppies are excited, energetic and eager to see the world around them. Once outside, they want to explore! They want to see and smell everything. Going for walks is an important part of being a puppy. But first, it is very important for a puppy to be lead trained.  In this … Read More

Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising with your dog is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Dogs love nothing more than running or walking on an open road, park or beach. It is also beneficial for owner and dog alike as it is a sure way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is known to have a positive … Read More

Walking Your Dog On a Dark Night

With the evenings getting shorter and darker it is important to keep you and your dog safe when out walking. The “Be safe, be seen” motto adapted by the Road Safety Authority is the first rule that everyone should follow when going outdoors in darker weather. Hi-vis equipment is not human specific, it is also available for dogs of all … Read More