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Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure

Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure is Ireland’s newest Super Premium pet food.  Not only is Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure 100% Natural, it is also 100% Irish! This means everything about this product is Irish – from contents to the delivery! 

Nice 'N' Natural is 100% Irish.  From the ingredients to the manufacturing process.

The main ingredient is meat - making this a meat first feed which is high in protein and leaves your pet fuller for longer. The chicken is free-run on Irish farms.  The salmon is farmed off the West Coast of Ireland.

As the name suggests it tastes Nice and it's definitely 100% Natural.

Stuart Cooper - Co- Founder

What does this mean for your pet?

    • This means Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure is always available whether you purchase in store or order online
    • This means your pet is getting a meat first feed, rich in protein that is from Irish farms 
    • This means fast production times – the meat is so fresh and goes from farms to bag within hours! 
    • This means NO DELAYS in production 
    • This means NO DELAYS in delivery

Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure can be delivered from our stores to your door with no worries of delays or shortages! 

That is why petworld is proud to be a leading stockist of Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure!