Stop cat climbing up Christmas tree

Stop Cat Playing with Christmas Tree

It's quite an impossible task to stop cats playing with a Christmas Tree.  Don't worry - there are things we can do to prevent utter destruction.

They can be cute cuddly and fun, but then switch to curious and mischievous in a second. During the festive season our furry feline friends are as excited as us. That's why we love them!

While we're eager and excited to be putting up our Christmas tree, our cats are eager to climb it and knock it down!  TIMBERRR!

What can they do? They were naturally born with a taste for fun colours, and a curiosity for new and strange things; and with a fun desire to launch themselves full force into your perfect tree!  

So what can you do to prevent a toppled, destroyed tree?

Go for a smaller tree

A bigger tree is more inviting for climbing. In case your cat makes one giant leap for felinekind, a smaller tree can be less attractive to climb and a lot easier to clean up and re-decorate.  

Anchors away!

Take preventative measures and anchor your tree to the wall or ceiling.  Use a sturdy base as well to secure the tree.  Place your tree where there is plenty of free space on all sides with no possibility of a launching zone.  This will prevent your cat from pouncing to attack your beautiful tree. 

Consider buying a fake tree

While real trees can be great for giving that Christmas smell,  the smell and wooden trunks can be tempting for cats to climb and scratch.  Also the fallen pine needles from a real tree can be dangerous for cats if swallowed or walked on. 

Unpleasant textures and smells

Wrap the base of the trunk with aluminum foil. Cats do not like the crinkling sound and texture making them less likely to scratch the tree trunk.

Cats are not fond of citrus scents, so add a few orange and lemon peels around the base also.  

Ornaments and tinsel

Put the ornaments up high. Anything that dangles and shimmers is asking to be attacked by the claw! 

Tinsel, as lovely and shiny as it is, can be very dangerous to cats.  They tend to eat it and the little bits of foil get stuck in their tummies. This can result in expensive surgery during the Christmas season. 

Cats and electricity do not mix!

Cover the wires where possible to avoid a cat from nibbling on them. Position the lights toward the centre of the tree to stop the cat pulling on them.  

Enjoying Christmas with your curious cat around can be possible.  Keep your tree cat-proof to ensure both tree and cat are safe. The Christmas season is about fun and joy.  So when you come home and see your tree destroyed on the floor and your cat sitting among the mess, simple pick it up and put both cat and tree outside! Or laugh it off, share your pics with us, redecorate and begin again!