Take The Squeak Out Of Squeaky Toys

The sound of anyone (even my four-legged best friend) playing with squeaky toys drives me crazy! For years, I searched for a toy that would bring the same level of entertainment to my furry friend, but without the noise. So, I was delighted to hear that Hear Doggy had launched an Ultrasonic Squeaky Toys Range, yet I was sceptical. It claimed to be a toy that “only your dog can hear”. Too good to be true?

“Hear Doggy takes the noise out of squeaky toys but leaves the FUN in!”Hear Doggy
The Test:

Naturally, I had to try the product out. I bought a Hear Doggy toy and on route home I squeaked the toy to my hearts content. My child and partner didn’t even notice, why? Because our feeble ears only hear up to 20 kHz, while our dogs can hear up to 40 kHz (kHz is a measure of pitch for anyone wondering). On arriving home, I was greeted by a happy dog and cat. It was time to unleash the magic of the brand new Hear Doggy toy.

I squeaked it… Dog looked up, ears went back, tail wagged; cat looked up, ears went back, tail went up. Game time! The fun our family had with our dog and the Hear Doggy toy was brilliant. The peace and quiet we had sitting, throwing and catching the toy, without the usual racket, was an absolute delight! Finally, our dog was able to play past children’s bedtime and she was a very happy girl.

Dog with squeaky toy
Dog chewing squeaky toy

The Conclusion

The Hear Doggy range encompasses a variety of toys in super bold colours with fun and friendly designs. They are both easy on the eye and easy on the pocket. There are two types of toys in the range; Flats and Plush. The flat range has a soft, suede-like texture with a spongy head. They are stuffing free. The plush range has stuffing, which makes the toy soft and cuddly for the dog who is accustomed to a more snuggly squeaky toy.

All the toys across each range are fantastically quiet and are full of easy to grip pick up spots for your dogs. Possibly my favourite thing is the fright which I DID NOT get as I stood on the new Hear Doggy toy at 3am when I had to go downstairs to let our girl out to the bathroom.

Plush Range

Flats Range

star fish dog toy
penguin dog toy
flamingo dog toy
cat dog toy

So if you’re struggling with the constant squeaking of your dogs toys too, I’d highly recommend checking the Hear Doggy range out. It is an easy way to take the squeak out of squeaky toys. You and your furry friend are sure to love them! 

Have any questions about the Hear Doggy range? Call into your local Petworld store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.