Spotlight On Petworld Tallaght

On December 7th Petworld opened its doors to the Tallaght community. Since then, it has been an absolute pleasure to serve the people of Tallaght, and their pets. Petworld Tallaght has a lot to offer… check out some of the incredible features below!

Petworld Price Promise

Have You Heard About Our Price Promise?

Our Price Promise guarantees we will not be beaten on price. If you find the same product at a lower price locally we will gladly refund you.

Frequent Buyer

Don’t Miss Out On Our Frequent Buyer Program!

With our Frequent Buyer Program, when you buy 9 bags of dog or cat food from participating brands on our website, you receive a 10th bag free! Click here for more info.

Nice 'N' Natural Dog Food

Petworld Exclusive: Nice ‘N’ Natural Dog Food

Exclusive to Petworld is Nice ‘N’ Natural dog food. Nice ‘N’ Natural is specially formulated from the highest quality, natural ingredients. It contains a particular blend of vitamins and minerals that make it ideal for all dogs, ensuring they live a long, happy and healthy life.

“Beautiful pet shop in the heart of Tallaght with all the pet supplies on hand for your needs! It’s nice and big and the staff are very helpful if you need assistance.”Glen

Sarah’s Kitchen

Petworld are proud to have introduced a brand new concept to the business, “Sarah’s Kitchen”. Sarah’s Kitchen epitomises quality dog food and was inspired by Sarah Horkan and her dedication to home-made, wholesome, dog-food in the 1920’s. Currently available exclusively in Petworld Tallaght, Sarah’s Kitchen promotes the importance of high-quality, wholesome and natural ingredients in your pet’s diet. It boasts treats such as pig’s ears, chicken feet and of course the highly nutritious, Nice ‘N’ Natural range, all made with the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Petworld Tallaght Kennels
Petworld Tallaght Dog Beds
Petworld Tallaght Fish Tank
Petworld Tallaght Sarah's Kitchen

Puppy Hour

Puppy Hour is also exclusive to Petworld Tallaght. It is a weekly event held in-store for new pet parents. During the hour, your pets are given the opportunity to socialise with other puppies, while you learn all about nutrition, socialising, crate training and toilet training. Just call the store for more information: contact details. 

Meet The Petworld Tallaght Team:

Name: Steph, Manager

About: Steph takes great pride in her growing store in Tallaght. She loves providing the best of care to her customers and makes it her mission to ensure every customer leaves happy. Steph is an expert in handling small animals. She is also an expert in the nutrition of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Additionally, she is a trained canine first responder. She has three beautiful cats called Gary, Leo, and Audrey.

Fun Fact: Steph is addicted to coffee!

Steph_Petworld Tallaght
Joy_Petworld Tallaght
Name: Joy, Assistant Manager

About: Joy has numerous years working in retail and absolutely loves working in Petworld. She has completed courses in animal care and animal science and is incredibly passionate about animals. She has one dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Taz. Taz is “an absolute character and a joy to be around”. He loves his cuddles and Joy spoils him rotten.

Fun Fact: Joy is addicted to Red Bull.

Name: Annmarie, Team Member

About: Annmarie is an expert in animal laws and rights. She is in her third year studying law and is completing her thesis on animal rights and laws. She has one laborador, Ollie. Ollie is a six year old black laborador, his favourite things to do are eat and swim. He is an energetic old boy and full of life.

Fun Fact: Annmarie is a fluent Irish speaker.

Ann Marie_Petworld Tallaght
Name: Jen, Team Member

About: Jen has a whole range of qualifications in relation to animal and pet care. She is a qualified groomer, has a degree in animal science and is in training as a dog trainer. Additionally, she is a qualified canine first responder and is an expert in dog behaviour and nutrition. Jen has ample experience handling all breeds of rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. She has 4 dogs of her own and spends her free time training her 1 year old collie/shepherd, Arthur. Arthur is a bouncy big boy who loves attention and helping out. He is obsessed with yogies and will never turn down food.

Fun Fact: When Jen is in bad humour, she eats chocolate. Chocolate puts Jen in a good mood.

“Absolutely love this store. The staff are so amazing. They remember me and my dog every time we come in, even if it’s been a few months.”Sarah
Name: Aaron, Team Member

About: Aaron has years experience working in retail and thoroughly enjoys working in Petworld. He is an expert in our fish department and hopes to extend this knowledge by studying Zoology. He has two cats, Misty and Spike and he recently purchased an axolotl that he absolutely adores. 

Fun Fact: In his spare time Aaron is Luke Skywalker. That may be false, but he does teach Ludo Sport. (Actual Light Saber fighting).

Name: Gerard, Team Member

About: Gerard has just joined the Petworld Tallaght team and he has been doing amazing! He loves helping customers and their pets. Gerard has a marine water tank and also a laborador, Calvin.

Fun Fact: Gerard’s favourite hobby is Archery.

Petworld Tallaght Team

So call into our team in Petworld Tallaght, they will be delighted to welcome you (and your pets) to the store. If you have any questions about Petworld, visit your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.