Puppy Toilet Training Made Easy

Training with Puppy Pads.

Puppy peeing in the house? Toilet training a puppy to go outside takes time. Let’s keep it super easy for humans and for the puppy so no one gets stressed out!

Puppy pads are going to be your best friend for about the first two weeks of having your puppy!  An 8 week old puppy can’t hold their bladder for more than 2-3 hours. So you will need your puppy pads ready to go.

Dogs are functional animals and will sleep separate to where they eat, toilet and  play. Therefore everything needs to be spread out and easily accessible. 

Starting off, place the puppy pads in a few different areas. If the puppy starts playing with the puppy pads, then they are in the wrong place or you have too many down.  

Set the puppy up for success so they literally can’t fail at this.   If the puppy is in the sitting room and suddenly needs to go, trying to navigate his way around lots of obstacles while hes bursting will set him up to fail. 

Image credit: Hi 5 Norbett

Puppies like something absorbent and clean. Puppy pads are ammonia scented which attracts the puppy to toilet on them. If you see the puppy toileting somewhere not on a pad, just simply pick them up and put them on the pad. No need for lots of fuss. When they finish on the pad give them a treat and walk away. Job done!

Living in an apartment puppy pads are very successful. It allows the dog full access to a toilet without a garden.

But if you do have a garden great! Start moving the puppy pads to the outside door.  The right time to do this depends on how quickly the puppy has learnt to go on the pads. Smaller breeds will need a little more time than larger breeds.

At night time, make sure your puppy has made a wee before putting them in the crate.  Try to avoid putting puppy pads in the crate at night as they generally don’t like dirtying the area they sleep in.

If puppy pads are needed at night time then a sectioned off area where puppy pads are easily accessed and a separate bed may be more suitable.  Just until the puppy is older and can hold their bladder through the night.

The main thing to remember, CONSISTENCY is key. With the right training and your guidance your puppy will be a house trained in no time.

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