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How to protect your home from fleas

Cats and dogs need to be treated regularly for fleas. They can seriously irritate and harm your pets if left untreated, causing itchiness, loss of hair and even disease in some cases. If you have performed the necessary steps to removing fleas from your pet, don't be fooled into thinking you're finished there! Fleas can attach themselves to other materials in the home, other than your pets. That's why it's important to protect your home from fleas.

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How to check for signs of fleas

  • Check your carpets, pet crates and pet bedding - if they contain flea dirt then it's infested. 
  • Check your furniture - check any couches or other areas your pet may have been in contact with.
  • Examine your pet - if they have pale gums, loss of fur, scabs, or are excessively itching, there is a possibility they have fleas.

How to remove fleas from the home

If you don't take proper care and action, re-infestation will occur and your pets health will decline. Follow these steps to remove these pesky pests from your pet and your home:

  • Hoover your home top to bottom, especially carpets, pet bedding, and couches.
  • Wash your pet bedding to ensure that you have rid it of all fleas. 
  • If it's just certain rooms in your home that need treated, we would recommend using Johnson's 4 Fleas Room Fogger to spray around any room that might be at risk. This will prevent hatching eggs developing into fleas, while also protecting carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding for up to 7 months.
  • If your entire household requires treatment, we recommend using Johnsons 4 Fleas Household Spray. This treatment contains an Insect Growth Regulator for extra protection by preventing hatching eggs developing into fleas. It kills fleas, larvae and other insects and is sufficient to treat an average sized house.
  • If you have noticed fleas on your pet, use an insecticidal shampoo and a flea comb to remove them. You can also use a Spot On Treatment to remove them. 
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