Petworld Terryland

Petworld Terryland – Meet the Team

Petworld Teryland first opened its door in September 2003. Since then it has become a huge part of the pet community in Galway. Our annual charity events, Furry 5k and free pet NCT, are extremely popular with our Petworld friends. Over the years we have been able to donate and support local animal charities. Meet the team of Terryland and find out some facts about the guys! 

First up – The Bosses!

Therese – Store Manager. Therese has been with the company for nearly 12 years and has completed the Petworld Pets Training Program. Therese has the knowledge and the experience. In her spare time, Therese runs 2 Taekwondo schools. She has a 2nd degree Black belt, All England, Scotland and Ireland medals in Taekwondo. Nobody messes with Therese!
Favourite part of job role: Meeting new people daily. Each person and pet is unique and I enjoy hearing their pet stories.  
Best part of Petworld Terryland: Excellent customer service and very friendly team.
Best thing about Galway community: Lovely people and friendly faces.
Pets: Therese’s favourite animal is a rabbit. She owns 2 fish, Goldie and blackie.
Fun fact about Therese: She lived in Amsterdam for a year! Therese is glad to back in Galway meeting pet people everyday.

Mike – Assistant Manager. Mike has worked with Petworld for 13 years and is a familiar face around the Petworld Company. Mike’s favourite part of the job is meeting new animals and helping solve customer’s pet problems.
Best part of Petworld Terryland: The knowledge that there are always experts as part of the team.
Best thing about Galway community: The small town atmosphere of Galway can not be beaten. Music in bars, on the streets and in the fields!
Pets: Mike favourite animal is Degus. Mike owns 1x Dog(Buzz), 4 cats(woody; Mama cat; Garage cat and Felix), two Goldfish (I cant believe its not Ben; I cant believe its not Joanna)!
Fun fact about Mike: Qualified in First Aid – which is an excellent skill to have. Mike is a bit of a techie too. Mike has rescued and adopted a cat and cog via customers while working in Petworld!

Karen – Supervisor. Karen has a BSc in Zoology and completed a course on wildlife care and rehabilitation. She is also a Seal rescue Ireland volunteer. Wow this lady really is an animal person. Her favourite part of the job is passing on her knowledge and expertise to other pet owners. Giving them the skills and confidence to know they are looking after their pet the best way.  Whilst Karen’s favourite animal is an owl, she owns 18 pets! 2 cats (Prim & Lenny), Bearded dragon (Drax), Crested gecko (Quinn), Leopard gecko (Littlefoot), Ball python (Nixy), 4 Corn snakes (Sally, Cinnamon, Ingo & Noodles), 3 Giant african land snails (Sheldon, Shelbie & Gary), 2 Old world tarantualas (Cambridgei & Regalis), 2 New world tarantualas (Vagans & Smithi) and 1 orchid mantis (Orchid).
Best part of Petworld Terryland: My team mates. They are so friendly and knowledgeable.
Fun fact about Karen: Spent a week in Morocco studying venomous snakes, scorpions and spiders!

Meet the floor team: Lauren, Jolene, Eoin, Caylem. Anna, Sandra, Conor, Nadya, Rebecca and Kate.
ll the team here at Petworld has completed the Petworld Pets Training Program which must be completed as part of their induction. Learning as you work gives the team both knowledge and experience.

Lauren: Lauren has been with team for 5 years. She has a FETAC Level 5 in Animal Care and is planning to go study dog training and psychology course with IMDT. Lauren prides herself on her customer service and we all agree, it is fantastic and many of our customers have said so. Best part of Petworld Terryland: Everyone is honestly like family. We all push each other to do our best each and every day.  Best thing about Galway community: The friendly people and the love people have for their animals. Pets: Jade- Catto; Esko- hamstereen.

Jolene: Jolene has worked at Petworld for 3 years. Her favourite part of the job is taking care of our in store animal residents and ensuring they go to good homes. Best part of Petworld Terryland: the managers are extremely supportive and the team is like family. Jolene has won the Petworld awards for outstanding service which as she says means she is skilled in “being rad” – we quite agree – you are awesome!

Eoin: Eoin is a massive pet lover and owns 2 dogs, Leroy and Frank. Noodle a king snake, a Forest scorpion named Bridie. 18 fish, not all have names. In his spare time Eoin makes fish tank stands and wooden reptile enclosures. Eoin has completed all grades on the guitar and teaches children and teens around Galway how to play guitar, bass and drums. What an all-round interesting guy! Best thing about Galway community: The family of swans down in Woodque, I try visit and feed most weekends. They’re class.

Caylem: Is a dog lover. Between his home house and his own house – he has 7 dogs! Bella,Benji, Bobby, Floyd, Ruby, Spud and Marly.
Favourite part of job role: Interacting with the customers and the various animals that enter the shop on a daily basis.
Best part of Petworld Terryland: The absolute friendliest staff and the most helpful anywhere you’ll go.

Anna: Anna is the newest addition to the team, and is currently undergoing her store training.  Her favourite part of the role is learning something new everyday about the animals. Anna is really enjoying her role and taking care of the animals. She has two dogs, Ruby and Floyd. 

Sandra: Sandra’s favourite part of her role is looking after the animals and meeting other pet people like herself. What she loves most about working in Petworld is the training and learning on the job. I get to learn about the animals and how to look after them properly and pass this knowledge to the customers.

Conor: Conor has carried goats up and down ladders, he owns alpacas  and has completed a BSc in Biochemistry – a really interesting lad! Which is good because his favourite thing about working in Galway is that everybody is friendly and lots of interesting people come here! His favourite animal is a Hermann’s tortoise. He owns one called Len. he also owns, a California king snake (Philomena), 2 dogs (Thor and Harry), 3 cats (Noodle, Oreo and Baldrick), 3 peacocks, 6 alpacas (Tina, Lorenzo, Alblacka, Chalyssa and 2 youngsters yet to be named.) Various fowl.

Nadya: Nadya has worked with Petworld for 18 months, so adores the puppies that come to visit Petworld Terryland, chatting with their owners and passing on helpful training tips.
Best part of Petworld Terryland: Everyone is always friendly and positive.

Rebecca: Rebecca is pet parent to cocker spaniel, Piper. Rebecca is people person who really enjoys meeting all the customers and of course their pets. Rebecca is a gamer in her spare time and has a Diploma in Game Development and Production.
Best part of Petworld Terryland: getting to work with a great group of people.

Kate: Kate abseiled 120ft down the side of Thomand Park and has just finished a Masters in Theatre Practice & Production in NUIG. She achieved a Grade VII in Musical Theatre & Popular Singing in December. So if anyone fancies a sing song – ask for Kate in Petworld Terryland!
Best part of Petworld Terryland: Learning about all different types of animals and being able to help others look after their animals. Kate owns a dog called Rusty.

What a fun, expert bunch of people and pet lovers.  Petworld Terryland really is the place to go to get:

  1. Excellent Customer Service
  2. Pet Expert Advice
  3. A great range of tried and tested pet products
  4. Premium quality nutritious pet food!
  5. Frequent Buyer Stamps
  6. Price Promise

If you have any questions the Petworld Terryland team, simple visit our store us or give us a call!