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Our Petworld team reviews this years Christmas products

This year, our Petworld team from all over Ireland were kind enough to review some of our Christmas pet products with their own pets. They sent us in some great photos and responses on their favourites. Check out their reviews below!

The Crinkle Snowdog
“Pepsi is usually a busy lil woman about the house with sheep to herd, foals to bark at and turkeys to supervise. When asked to try out a Christmas Toy from Petworld, she was only delighted to offer her expert opinion….
The Crinkle Snowdog proved to be hugely popular with this little terrier, Pepsi loves nothing more than having a snuggle with her new friend and of course, having a good chew to de-stress in the evening. The built-in crinkle material offers mental stimulation and enrichment along with the built-in squeaker… A little dogs dream gift from Santa Pawz.” – Edel, Athlone
Reindeer Rope Legs Toy
“Milo was given the opportunity to test out and try the new Christmas Reindeer Rope Legs toy. As you can see it was a big hit, we’re lucky his patience and “wait” trick is so strong as the first picture really tested this!
He loves his new toy and the fact that he can find the squeaker in it so easily, especially late at night!” – Cayleigh, Athlone
Moppy Reindeer
“Mario was lucky enough to be gifted a new soft toys from the AMAZING Christmas range at Petworld.
Mario was straight in for play time as soon as he saw this toy! He even chose it to come to his bed with him that evening (that’s a big privilege).
So a big thumbs up from Mario!” – Nadine, Athlone
Petface Christmas Penguin
“Anyone who know my Millie, knows she’s all about 3 things; walkies, comfy beds and squeaky toys. So you can imagine her excitement to get her new Petface Christmas Penguin.
She’s been squeaking with joy all evening and cant wait to see what other toys and treats she’s going to get for Christmas from Santy Paws!” – Jasmine, Athlone
Kong Scrattie

“Ozzy usually ignores toys and has no interest in catnip but as you can see he is obsessed with his new Kong Scrattie. The quality of catnip in these toys is obvious as you can see from this normally lazy lumps playfulness.” -Jasmine, Athlone

Small Plush Turkey

“Lilly pointing out her favourite new teddy from the Christmas selection – her Turkey!” – Laura, Portaloise

Christmas Fox

“Roxy is delighted with her new Christmas Fox toy! Roxy loves soft teddy like toys to curl up in her bed with & even use as a pillow!” – Ciara, Nutgrove

Petface penguin toy

“Pickle the rescue dog loves his new Petface Penguin Toy. Pickle had a very tough start in life before we fostered him at just 6 weeks old and then later adopted him soon after. He finds so much comfort from soft toys that he can use to snuggle up to. This Christmas penguin has become his new favourite toy and has to be brought to bed with him at night.  Pickle is so gentle with his toys I’m sure this penguin will be with him for many years to come.” – Peter, Nutgrove

Bobble Ball Robin

“Calvin is more of an intense chewer and so he benefits from a sturdy toy that can withstand the constant chewing. The Bobble Ball Robin is definitely the toy for Calvin as it consists of a soft toy with squeaker wrapped in a tough rubber belly making it more robust than the average soft toy. This is definitely a firm favourite of Calvin’s toys.” – Peter, Nutgrove

Holiday Floppy Knots Elf Med

“I’ve chosen the green elf from Kong because Ruby normally destroys all her toys really fast and this one looked durable with the ropes inside it. She really enjoys playing with it and hasn’t managed to destroy it yet!” – Karen, Terryland

Kong Wild Knots Bear

“Rusty was delighted to be gifted a Kong Wild Knots Bear. The ropes in this teddy makes it a lot more durable than other teddies. Great for chewers like Rusty!” – Karen, Terryland

Hug Tug Reindeer

“I picked this toy because Piper loves rope toys and it’s arms and legs are made of rope. Tug of war is her favourite game so it’s perfect and she can’t resist playing when she hears the squeaker inside. It’s her new favourite toy, she brings to me to play constantly! She even sleeps with it.”  – Karen, Terryland

Catnip Jingle Santa

“Arthur is my newest addition. He is a 6 month old rescue who came from Mayo SPCA. He loves his catnip jingle santa!” – Darina, Castlebar

Large Plush Turkey

“Brody loved his Christmas plush turkey as he loves large teddy like toys to cuddle up to. Seeing it on the kitchen counter he thought it was his Christmas dinner!” – Ciara, Nutgrove

Kong Holiday Kickeroo Reindeer

“As you can see from the photos, Prim & Lenny love their Kong holiday kickaroo reindeer! They were instantly fighting over who could get their paws on it first.” – Karen, Terryland

Raggy Penguin

“Fiadh is obsessed with her penguin toy! She brings it absolutely everywhere with her, it never leaves her sight.” – Aedín, Castlebar

Hug Tug Snowdog

“Pudden loves her new snowdog from Petworld. She has spent the whole evening playing with her new companion. The excitement when she found the squeaker!! She even brought it to bed!” – Elizabeth, Castlebar

Petface Hedgehog

“Haven’t seen Riley without her new hedgehog friend from Petface since she got it. She may have customised him a bit (removed the bobble from the santa hat) but otherwise this toy has stayed very well intact, unlike others Riley has encountered!” 

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