Nice ‘N’ Natural – A 100% Natural Dog Food 🐶

"Nice 'N' Natural is a 100% Irish, dog food brand. It is specially formulated with wholesome, natural ingredients to meet your dogs nutritional needs."Petworld

Taking care of your dog involves caring for them both mentally and physically. Walks and cuddles will keep their tails wagging, but keeping them healthy on the inside can be a challenge.

Here at Petworld, our tasty Nice 'N' Natural dog food range have been specially formulated to ensure your dog will get all the vitamins and minerals they need to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Nice 'N' Natural dog food is made from the highest quality natural ingredients. It contains a particular blend of vitamins and minerals that make it ideal for all dogs. Check out the available products below to decide what best suits your dogs needs:

Chicken Dinner

Nice 'N' Natural Chicken Dinner is a complete food for adult dogs with a taste your dog will love. It is a wholesome, natural food with a high chicken content. It contains prebiotics and fibre for a healthy stomach and to aid digestion. Nice 'N' Natural Chicken Dinner incorporates a number of healthy fats and oils for a shiny coat, supple skin and strong joints

Fish Dinner

Nice 'N' Natural Fish Dinner is a complete food for adult dogs with a high fish content. It is made from wholesome, natural ingredients and contains prebiotics and fibre to aid digestion and stomach function. It is packed with healthy fats and oils to enhance your dog’s coat, skin and joints. Your dogs will love this seriously tasty dog food!

Puppy Formula

Nice 'N' Natural Puppy Formula has been specially designed for puppies. A 100% natural food, it is packed with prebiotics and fibre suitable for your puppy’s delicate stomach. It will aid your puppies growth as it is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin and healthy fats and oils to ensure a shiny coat, supple skin and strong joints.

Fussy Eater

Nice 'N' Natural Fussy Eater has been designed with fussy eaters in mind and has a taste your dog will love. This 100% natural food for adult dogs will help your dog’s stomach and digestion as it has been fortified with prebiotics and fibre. For healthy skin, coat and joints, the Fussy Eater dog food has been enriched with healthy fats and oils. 

Nice 'N' Natural Treat Range

Recently, Nice 'N' Natural introduced a treat range to supplement their dog food range. The treat range has a variety of shapes and flavours and is focused on being healthy, tasty and nutritious.

The comprehensive new range includes the following:

Happy Training Treats:

The happy training treats are available for both adult dogs and puppies. The adult version is available in Salmon, Duck or Chicken flavour, while the puppy version is available in Chicken flavour. 

Happy Treat Bars:

Happy treat bars are available in a Chicken & Rice flavour. Like all Nice N' Natural treats they are 100% natural and 100% Irish. What a delicious and nutritious way to reward your dog!

Happy Teeth:

The happy teeth treats are available for adult dogs in both large and small treats. There are two flavours available, Spirulina & Cranberry and Carrot & Kale, both tasty and wholesome doggy treats.

If you want to learn more about the Nice N' Natural range, call into your local Petworld store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you and your pooch choose the dog food that will meet your needs.