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Cats require proper nutrition to ensure a long lasting, healthy and happy life. With Nice N Natural Pure, you’re guaranteed your cat will be eating a food that’s packed full of nutrition and 100% Irish. There are so many benefits, including:

  • It’s bursting with healthy fats and oils which are great for joint, skin and coat care.
  • It contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support
  • It contains prebiotics and seaweed to help support healthy gut and teeth.

With its Nutrient Fresh Management System, the nutrients are fully protected even in very hot and humid weather conditions so they remain fresh and nutritious.

Nice N Natural Pure Young Cat Chicken

                    If you want to ensure your kitten has a healthy start to life, it’s important that they are getting the right nutrition. Our Nice N Natural Pure Young Cat Chickenis especially designed for young, growing cats. 
                    It contains 72% chicken along with other specially formulated ingredients that your kitten will love! Sweet potato is present which is an excellent carbohydrate source with lower GI value. You can be sure that your kitten will have a healthy and happy lifestyle with this range.
                    Shop Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure: Young cat chicken

                    Nice N Natural Pure Adult Cat Salmon

                    If you’re looking for a food to match your cats growing needs, our Nice N Natural Pure Adult Cat Salmon is perfect. Your adult cat’s active lifestyle  means that they require food which aids smooth digestion, to keep them sharp and strong. This food contains all the ingredients your cat needs, including a meat-first content of 65% fish! Get ready for your cats coat to have that purrfect glossy shine!

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                    Nice N Natural Pure Senior Cat Salmon

                    Ageing cats are more than just cherished pets, instead they are precious family members. As our best furry friends get older, it’s important that we care and support their changing needs. 

                    Senior cats need support especially with their bones and joints. As such, their food must have added glucosamine and chondroitin to help prevent arthritis and support healthy ageing joints. This primarily makes up our super premium Nice N’ Natural Pure Salmon and Brown Rice Senior cat food. With this bag, you are assured of 100% natural ingredients packed with 65% fish. Salmon and Brown Rice are a great blend of excellent protein source with high Omega-3 content, and natural fibre with low GI for slow release energy.

                    Check out this customers review of the Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure senior variety – she explains how it has improved her cats appetite, helped maintain his weight and his overall health.

                    Shop Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure: Senior cat salmon

                    Leo’s journey with Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure

                    “Leo was 8 years old and was always such a fussy eater. A year ago we bought a bag of Nice ‘N’ Natural and we haven’t looked back. Nice ‘N’ Natural is a super food for cats, it’s packed with all natural ingredients and probiotics, keeping his digestion tract healthy. Leo is a really big cat so he benefits from all the joint care. Nice ‘N’ Natural has lots of healthy oils and fats – his coat has never looked better! His teeth are also in great health thanks to the added seaweed”.

                    Our current offers

                    We have amazing deals with our Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure range – just take a look below:

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                    You can read more about our Nice N Natural Pure range here, including more about our dogs range.


                    It’s important to gradually introduce your cat to a new brand of food over 7-10 days. They have sensitive stomachs and a new food can upset their stomach – it’s important to gradually mix their old food with their new food over the 7-10 days, slowly adding more of their new food.

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