Kitten starter bundle

Kitten Starter Bundle

Have you adopted a kitten recently? Or maybe you’re considering adopting one? There’s nothing better than a new, furry addition to the family. However, it’s important to get everything you need to make your kittens transition into your home life as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve created the Kitten Starter Bundle.

The Kitten Starter Bundle is a comprehensive kit that contains everything you need to get you set up for a new addition to the family. Here at Petworld, we have carefully selected some of our best sellers and bundled them into this excellent value set.


Nice N Natural Pure Young Cat Chicken 1.5kg

This is a super premium, meat first kitten food that provides your kitten with the best nutrition possible. It’s suitable for feeding until your kitten is one year old. It’s bursting with healthy fats and oils for joint, skin and coat care which will leave your kitten with healthy, glossy fur. 

Armitage Cat Litter Tray Medium

This product is an easy to clean, scratch resistant litter tray. It’s depth is suitable for small cats or kittens and it’s stain resistant, making it very easy to clean. 

Cat Litter Scoop

This cat litter scoop can be used both for filling the litter tray and cleaning out the old litter. It’s made of durable plastic and scoops through easily to remove soiled litter. 

Pawtrails Tofu Cat Litter 6ltr

PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter is a non-toxic, dust free, flushable cat litter. Made from food grade quality Tofu, it’s highly absorbent (absorbing up to 6 times its own weight) and clumps together for easy removal of soiled litter. The best part? It’s super eco-friendly – the clumps can be flushed down the toilet or composted.

Embossed Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

Every kitten needs a shiny, new bowl for food and drink. A sturdy, stainless steel cat bowl with beautiful embossing. This bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Kitty & Co Spotty Kitten Collar

This funky, stylish collar will look good on any kitten! It’s an extendable kitten collar with a safety release clasp and snag resistant material. This material helps prevent the claws pulling at the threads and tightening the collar. It’s available in various colours so please make sure to leave your choice of colour in the comments box at checkout.

Kitty Fun Balls Assorted

Every kitten needs a new toy to play with! These toys are great for exercising indoor kittens. They provide hours of entertainment and encourage your kittens natural hunting instinct.

Kat Fishin Toy

This strengthens bonds between owner and cat and encourages kittens natural hunting instinct. While also providing hours of fun! 

You will have everything you need for your kitten in this Kitten Starter Bundle. From the cat food to the toys, you and your kitten won’t be disappointed!

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