K9 Connectables – Engage and Entertain

K9 Connectables is a brand that was developed by an Irish man, James McIlvenna. He became a pet parent in 2013 to a high-energy, Labrador mix called Sandy. Sandy had a infectious personality and extremely high energy levels. Despite lots of walks, toys and attention, he struggled to channel her energy. 

To combact this, he designed a range of toys that would stimulate her mind, engage her senses and satisfy her desire to tear and break things apart!

Let us introduce you to the amazing range of toys known as K9 Connectables. 

K9 Connectables

K9 Connectables - The Benefits

K9 Connectables are designed to engage your dog by stimulating their natural hunting instinct. They are great for exercise, they will keep your dog mentally stimulated and they promote good dental hygiene. K9 Connectables are made from durable, non-toxic plastic and they float so they can even be used in water!

Super Mental Stimulation

The range of toys are designed to keep your pet mentally stimulated, ensuring they have to work their minds in order to receive a treat. "The idea with the K9 Connectables series of toys is that you stuff the dog's favourite food and treats inside and connect them together" said James. "The dog can smell the food but has to break the connections apart to get at it." The connections are designed with a three ring system which can gradually make the task even harder for your pet. 

Dog with K9 Connectable in water.
Dog with K9 Connectable in park.

Great For Exercise

K9 Connectables are a great toy to use for a game of fetch. They are soft and flexible and are safe to be thrown for your dog! Sticks can be dangerous when thrown and run a big risk of soft palete injuries and splinters. Further, K9 connectable's will keep your dog entertained for longer when spending time outside, meaning they will spend more time exercising. 

Promote Dental Hygiene

Oral diseases are an issue for dogs with up to 85% of dogs showing signs of periodontal problems by the age of three. That is why it is important to look after your dogs dental hygiene. K9 Connectable toys have special features that help to remove plaque from dogs teeth when they bite down on the toys. You can read more about your pets dental hygiene here. 

K9 Connectables Starter Pack

The Starter packs comes in 3 different sizes (mini, medium, large) depending on the weight of your dog:

  • Mini: 3 - 9 Kg 
  • Medium: 8 - 25 Kg
  • Large: 20 - 40 Kg

Each starter pack includes 3 toys; the original, the dentist and the tech bone. 

If you have any questions on the K9 Connectables, just call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.