DIY: Make A Small Animal Fun Maze

Small animals are active and social animals. They love adventure and are happiest when rambling and exploring in new and exciting areas. Thankfully, creating a small animal fun maze is easy, inexpensive and can provide an afternoon of fun. Why not get together with your family or friends and create your small animal fun maze. They will love running through the maze, keeping them occupied and exercised for hours. 

What you will need:

  1. Cardboard Boxes 
  2. Large Scissors*
  3. Fresh Hay 
  4. Tubing
  5. Small Animal Treats
  6. Colors, Decorations and Props

How to make your own fun maze:

  1. Select a number of clean cardboard boxes for the maze. We recommend using at least 3; 1 big and 2 small as your small animal will feel a lot safer with small places to hide.
  2. Find some tubing to make the tunnels - the inside of a toilet roll will work or this Chubular Play Tube or use your imagination and see what will work for you.
  3. With a large scissors, cut holes in the boxes to fit the size of the tunnels. Place the tunnels into the holes to create a maze.
  4. Hide treats inside the tunnels
  5. Fill one box with hay- this makes it a lot more fun for your pet to play and hide in, and also eat too!
  6. Decorate your fun maze with color - this will make it a stimulating environment for your pet. 
  7. Place your pet inside the maze and watch them play with delight. They will run up and down the maze for days!

*Safety warning: always supervise children when using scissors.

A fun maze is a brilliant way to keep your small animal active and healthy. It allows for exercise in a fun and stimulating environment so it's sure to support your pets health and wellness. 

If you want to learn more about your small pets health and wellness, call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to inform you.