Help! My Puppy Is Chewing Everything!

Puppies bring such joy, energy, vitality and fun. They amaze us with their enthusiasm and surprise us with their curiosity. They love to explore... and do so in every corner of the house. Unfortunately for us, this means they leave a trail of evidence in their wake. You will find yourself asking questions like where did my other sock go? or who was chewing the leg of my table? It won't take you long to find the culprit... in the shape of your cute and cuddly four legged friend. 

So what can you do once you have screamed "help! my puppy is chewing everything". Here are our top recommendations:

Puppy Proof Your Home

A good place to start is to puppy proof your home. Close the doors on rooms that you do not want your puppy to enter, ensure electrical wires are covered (puppies love to gnaw on the wire) and move all items that are within your puppies reach. Ensure garbage is out of reach and deter your puppy from chewing on table and chair legs by spraying them with an anti-chew training spray.

Puppy chewing remote
Puppy chewing slipper

No matter how many items you keep out of reach, your little one will always find something to chew on. One thing you can try doing to discourage this is to spray items with an anti-chew training spray. Johnson's anti-chew training spray has a bitter taste that is harmless to pets. If sprayed on items, the bitter taste can deter your pet from chewing on it again. It is an easy to use product, that is mess free and has a high success rate in deterring destructive chewing. 

Additionally, if you catch your pup chewing on something forbidden you can deter them through your actions and with your words. If your pup somehow gets their jaws around your favourite pair of slippers don't shout or frighten them. Instead, remove them from their mouth gently and replace them with an item they're allowed to chew on. Now, you're both happy!

"Have patience and be kind. With love and understanding, a puppy will learn and grow."Petworld
Chew Toys

It's a natural instinct - every dog needs something to chew on. Whether your pup is teething or bored, it's important they have access to something they're allowed to chew on. Here are some options you can try with your dog:

  • Cold or frozen objects are great for puppies who are teething. 
  • Soak a rope toy in water and freeze, it will provide hours of entertainment. 
  • Rawhide treats and treats such as pig ears are great for puppies (remember pups are not allowed anything with bones until they are 5 months old).
Puppy chewing chew toy
Puppy chewing rope
Soft Mouth Training

As a puppy, you can teach your dog to have a soft mouth. A dog with a soft mouth will exert caution when biting and chewing. This is useful to limit the (possible) destruction your dog may cause. Just follow the steps below:

  • Lie on the floor with your puppy, whilst playing a game of tug with a toy.
  • Remove the toy from your puppy's mouth and gently play with their lower jaw.
  • Allow your pup to gently “mouth” your hand. But, if they bite down hard make a sharp, high pitched “ouch.”
  • If they persists, say "NO" and clamp their mouth shut gently, but firmly, for 1-2 seconds.
Exercise and Play

Above all else, it is important you keep your puppy engaged and active. If they are occupied and having fun, they will have less energy and interest in getting up to mischief. Play time is so important for a puppy. It allows them to explore their environment, learn and most importantly, bond with you, their puppy parent. 

Remember, a puppy has a lot to learn and they won't do so overnight. Have patience and be kind, they are doing their best. They are like us humans, with a little love and understanding, they will learn and grow.

If you want to learn more about your puppies behaviour, call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.

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