Halloween pet safety

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Did you know that over half our pets get anxious and scared this time of year?   This additional anxiety is linked to all the loud noises, doorbells, and surprise visitors. Many pets get spooked and some even run off and get lost.  While there are some things we can’t prevent, we can try to minimise their stress. Check out some top tips below from our experts here at Petworld.

Get prepared

  • Be seen & safe! The evenings are getting darker, it is important to be lit up and seen.
  • Use leads! Keeping pets on leads during his month is a good idea.  Loud bangs from fireworks can spook your dog and cause them to run off. 
  • Get Microchipped!  This is important for both cats and dogs. The highest volume of escaped/lost pets happens during this season.  If they do run off you have a better chance of getting them home safely. Make sure all our details are up to date. 
  • A Safe Place! Crates can provide a place for your pet to feel safe and secure. Make it comfortable by adding their blankets, favourite toys - adding your jumper can really help!
  • Keep pets indoors! During the Halloween season, keep pets indoors.  Especially if there is a lot of activity in your area. Unfortunately, it is just not safe. 
  • Reduce Stress! Products are available to reduce stress in pets. Have these ready to go should your pet display anxious behaviour.
  • Keep your pet mentally stimulated During the height of the firework season, it’s important to stick to a strict walking schedule for your dog.  Getting your dog out of the house before the peak firework times gives them something to look forward to. Otherwise, they may just be waiting for the terrifying bangs. They’ll also be physically and mentally tired, making rest easier.

Halloween Night

  • Bring all pets indoors. If you have a cat who lives outside and inside, then it’s a good idea to stock up on litter and keep them indoors during the fireworks. It is completely reasonable for your pet to feel anxious indoors with the noise –  there are products that can help relieve the stress.
  • Keep pets away from the front door. Trick-or-treaters, whilst out to have fun, your pet may react out of character to the costumes and flashing lights. You do not want them to get spooked and run outside. 
  • Provide a safe place- a bedroom with the door closed or in a crate for extra security. Close the curtains and play music to drown out loud and unfamiliar noises.   
  • Keep Pets Busy - Kongs filled with peanut butter, will keep dogs entertained and help reduce stress. Provide them with plenty of toys
  • Avoid the vet! Do not give your pets treats from your Halloween stash! Remember, chocolate is dangerous for your pets. Ingesting seasonal decorations & treats may lead to a mess on your carpet and a costly visit to the vet. 

Keep Calm - Products we recommend

They are a range of products available to help your pet feel less stress. We recommend looking into these now. Our teams in store are always happy to help.

Pawsome - Paws of Steel.

This natural mix from Pawsome will give your pets Paws of Steel. Happy Thoughts! L-tryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps create serotonin - the Pawsome Happy Hormone! Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps with muscles, nerves and mood regulation. These 2 super ingredients combined together can be used daily to help your pet feel more at ease and happy - supporting them in living their best life! For best results, use 2 weeks before.  This is a natural product and can be used long term.

Available in powder and paste.

Pawsome - HempOne.

Pawsome HempOne products are the ideal solution for restless pets. This tasty supplement is enriched with hemp flour and carob gum to support your pet in stressful situations whilst also supporting their intestinal function.
This vegan formula can be used daily to leave your pet feeling more at ease, especially in situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, moving home, or separation.  For best results, use 2 weeks before. This is a natural product and can be used long term.

Availble in powder and oil.


Pheromone products can act as a relaxant by mimicking the natural pheromones emitted by a mothering animal to her babies. They can be bought as plug-ins, as collars or as sprays, and can be applied around the areas where your pet spends most of their time.

For cats, Cats Feliway is a synthetic copy of the facial pheromone proven to reassure and comfort the cat. Using it in your home will help maintain the scent that calms your cat and reduces stress. Recommended by vets, it’s very effective and doesn’t affect humans or other pets.

For dogs, Adaptil ‘Dap’ Diffuser is a discrete plug-in that releases a synthetic copy of a canine appeasing pheromone. This is a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs. It’s a convenient and unique solution to canine stress which helps to comfort and reassure puppies and adult dogs in challenging situations, preventing or reducing stress-related behaviours.

Be Prepared for Halloween

Our number one Top Tip is to be prepared for Halloween.  Do not just wait for Halloween night - the activities will start sooner. 

Your pet's routine may have to change slightly - including walks earlier in the evening, being kept on a lead.  the product recommended above will need to be started as soon as possible for the best results.

Be prepared, take extra safety precautions, remove triggers and keep stress & anxiety to a minimum - and have a Pawsome Halloween!