New AADI Puppies

Great News For Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) announced they have welcomed eight new puppies to their family.

The eight pups are part of a breeding programme initiated two years ago. The puppies will help tackle the five-year waiting list for children with autism who need a highly-trained assistance dog. While an autism assistance dog’s primary role is to keep the child safe, they also offer companionship and help reduce stress and anxiety.

“These dogs are life-changers for the children and their families. Our charity relies heavily on volunteers, we urgently require funds to support the puppies in their journey to become highly-trained assistance dogs.” CEO and founder Nuala Geraghty
Autism Assistance Ireland Puppies Posing

The charity, which suspended its waiting list over two years ago, has since received over 800 enquiries. With the success of its new breeding programme, AADI now has ambitious plans to train and place 20 dogs a year. To date, AADI has trained and supplied 27 assistance dogs, along with 19 companion dogs, to children with autism.

The new litter of puppies are currently with volunteer Puppy Foster Carers across Munster, who will bring them up for the first 12 months. The dogs will then enter training, before being assigned to families free-of charge. This is in keeping with the charity’s ethos that all children with autism should have equal opportunity to obtain a dog.

The new breeding program gives AADI the ability to breed their own pups and provide assistance dogs to families who have been waiting a long time.

Autism Assistance Ireland Puppies Eating

How Can I Help?

Austism Assistance Dogs Ireland is Petworlds nominated charity and you can help raise funds by taking part in this years #Furry5k. This is our annual sponsored dog walk, with 100% of all monies raised going to AADI to help provide assistance dogs to children with Autism.