Introducing The Flexi Fashion Lead

The Philosophy of Flexi...

Dogs are more than just pets. They are family members, loyal companions, playmates and guardians. They bring us joy, compassion and happiness and sometimes even our slippers. They make us feel wanted and they miss us the very moment we walk out the door, even if we are only gone for a moment. They give so much and demand so little in return.

Dogs need exercise. They have so much energy that needs to be spent outside. So lace up your shoes, open the door and get moving. You’ll both feel better for it.

A walk with your dog is one of the most important activities you can share. The long cord or tape leash on a Flexi adjusts automatically as your dog moves, giving him additional space to explore his environment without forcing you to stop and wait all the time. Research shows, your dog will run up to 3 times more than you - that keeps him fit and healthy. So while your best friend has more opportunity to trot back and forth, run a little, stop and smell something of interest, or mark a spot, he will not force you to stop and start a dozen times along the way.

Flexi is the ideal bond between you and your four-legged friend. It not only makes your walk that little bit more comfortable it will give your dog more freedom to enjoy his walk as a dog should do. That is the least you can do in return for his unconditional companionship, love and friendship.

Woman with a dog on a Flexi Lead.
Petworld's Analysis of the Flexi Fashion Tape Lead:

Pro: The Flexi Fashion Tape Dog Lead makes dog walking an enjoyable activity for both owner and pet. It comes with a 5 metre leash, providing plenty of flexibility for your pet. The great aspect of the Flexi lead is that it also has a short-stroke braking system. Thus, you can easily call back your dog if additional control is needed. The lead is quite durable and resistant to tearing, making it a fantastic lead for your dog. The max weight for this lead is 25kg.

In sum, this is a top quality product that you can always rely on!

Con: If your dog has a tendency to chew their lead (with excitement, etc.) then this is not the lead for you!

This lead is available in 3 colours (pink, orange and green) and at just €17.99 for the month of May, it is a real bargain!

Pink Flexi Lead
Orange Flexi Lead
Green Flexi Lead

 You can read about the numerous health and wellness benefits of dog walking here. If you have any questions on the Flexi Lead, just call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.