Everything you need for your new puppy

There’s nothing more heart warming than the pitter patter of tiny paws in the home. Getting a new pup often means getting a friend for life! However, adopting a new puppy is a big commitment – there’s a lot you need to prepare for. Here at Petworld, we have devised the pawfect shopping list for your new pup. Just take a look below!


Nutrition is the most important thing to consider when it comes to a new puppy. They need the right diet for their breed to grow up healthy and strong. You can ask a Petworld employee for advice on what food is right for your pup.

Chews & Treats: As said before, pups love to chew. Getting them a tasty chew treat will help stimulate their gums as well as keep their teeth clean and reduce any tartar build up. As your pup grows, you will teach it different tricks and train it how to behave – nothing beats a tasty treat as a reward for a job well done!

If you’d like to learn more about puppy nutrition, just check out our blog here.

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Food and Water Bowls

A tiny puppy doesn’t need a bowl for a great Dane! We recommend bowls that are large enough to fit the proper amount of food to feed your pup.

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Puppy Pads

What goes in must come out! A new puppy must learn that they must go to the toilet outside, this can be achieved with the help of puppy pads placed close to the back door, there are also training sprays to help if you pup doesn’t get the hang of it.

Dog Crate/Dog Bed

Your furry friend needs a lovely place to rest after a day of playing. To prevent midnight mischief, we recommend placing your pups bed in a dog crate that is spacious enough for them to move around. Be sure to have plenty of blankets and toys in their crate, and a puppy pad just in case!

If you’re interested in crates, read our blog on crate training here. If you’d prefer a kennel, this blog here will help you choose the perfect kennel for your pooch!

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Puppies love to play. They discover new things everyday and will more than likely try to eat anything they can fit their mouths around. We recommend getting a variety of toys with different textures to keep them occupied. This will also help with teething.

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Worming a pup is very important. All pups are born with worms and need to be treated regularly for life. Puppies must be wormed at 2,4,6,8,10, and 12 weeks of age, then once a month until they are 6 months old. Then every 3 months for life. Treatment can be given as a tablet or a liquid.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Pups can begin to have flea prevention treatments from 12 weeks of age. This can be in the form of a Spot-On treatment or a flea collar. We recommend that treatment is given every month.

If you’re worried your puppy has fleas or ticks, just read our blog here which will indicate whether your pooch is infected or not. 

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Collar & Lead

What better way for your pup to show off to their friends than a swanky collar with a matching lead. Be sure to measure you pup’s neck to get the right sized collar for them. If you’re not sure, you can bring your pup into a Petworld store and one of our employees will be more than happy to help you get one that’s a pawfect fit. Or, you can read our blog here which will help guide you in choosing the right collar and lead. 

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Dog Tag

As well as being microchipped, it’s now the law for a dog to have identification. Petworld has a lovely range of tags in different shapes and colours that are quick and simple to engrave in store.

Brush & Comb

All puppies have different coats, some short, some long, and some in between. There is a wide range of grooming tools available in store, you can ask our staff for advice on what brush is right for your pup’s fur.

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