How To: Measure A Dog For A Coat

It's cold and you're in need of a new coat. What's the most important thing to know before you buy? Your size! Our dogs are no different. Before you purchase your pooch a dog coat, it's important to measure them for a size first.

Due to the variety of dog sizes within each breed we strongly recommend that every dog is individually measured before purchasing a coat. Here we provide a quick guide on how to measure your dog for a dog coat.

Measurement Guide

All dog coat sizes relate to the length of the dog. Therefore, the most important measurement to consider when shopping for a dog coat is the length of your dog. 

  • Topline/Length Measurement - measure along the dogs spine from the base of the tail to the nape of the neck. 

Measurement Tips

  • Have a pen and paper handy!
  • Measure your dog in centimeters.
  • Dog treats may help to keep your dog still during the measurement process. 

Now that your dog is fully measured for a coat, happy shopping! You can check out our full range of dog coats here. Then, grab a lead and get out walking in the fresh air with your pooch by your side!