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Crate training: What to put in a dog crate

Every dog needs a place where they can go to feel safe and relax. They require somewhere warm, comfortable and spacious to rest in and the crate can be just that for them. If you're wondering what you can put in a dog crate, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll be letting you know what you need for your dogs crate, and what you can exclude.

How to make the crate extra cosy

There are many ways to make your dog feel safe in their crate. You need to ensure that you make it as comfortable as possible for them. You also need to make sure you don't have anything in the crate that shouldn't be there, or that can impact their health. We'll help you by taking you through what to put in a dog crate, and what to leave out.

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Add their favourite toy

Every dog has a favourite toy that they just can't let out of their site! Make sure to keep their toy with them in the crate. This will help relieve boredom, stress or separation anxiety.

Get them a comfortable bed

A crate can be made very comfortable with the right bed. Get your dog a bed that they can sink into after a long day.

If you're getting the crate for a puppy, you should consider getting something both waterproof and chew-proof. This will save the bed from accidents during toilet training, and also from being chewed up during teething. If you have an older dog that maybe still thinks they're a puppy - definitely get a chew-proof bed!

Whatever bed you get, make sure you read the measurements of the crate right. There's no point getting them a bed that won't fit inside it!

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Use a dog mat

Make it extra cosy by laying a dog mat on the bottom of the crate. This will ensure your dog stays warm throughout the night and will provide some added comfort.

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Give them a puzzle feeder

What better way to relieve boredom than puzzles! Puzzle feeders are good entertainment and will keep your dogs mind occupied enough that they won't get bored. 

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What not to put in or near the crate

Avoid food and water bowls: these will most likely get knocked over, causing a mess. If you're leaving your dog for long periods of time, they may also have accidents with easier access to food and water. However, if you've an older dog or a dog that has a medical condition, they may require frequent food and water. You can get spill-proof bowls that'll help with this.

No collars, leads or tags: These can be a strangulation hazard so it's important to ensure your dog has nothing on them going in.

Move electric and power cords away from the crate: some dogs will chew anything they can get their paws on! Make sure to move anything electrical away from the crate as they can be both a fire hazard and a risk to your dogs safety.

Keep the temperature and positioning of the crate in mind: make sure the crate isn't too close to any fans or in direct sunlight. If it gets too hot or too cold, it can be very uncomfortable for your dog.

If you have a puppy, it's a good idea to keep your crate in the bedroom. This'll help with separation anxiety.

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