Christmas Tips For Your Pets

Bark! The Herald Angels Sing!

Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year! Fun and laughter, treats and presents, family and friends - whats not to love?

This is not always the case for our furry friends. Here are some tips we recommend following to help your loved ones enjoy this time of year:

  • Watch your pets diet. Chocolate, salt, alcohol, coffee, turkey/chicken bones should all be kept out of your pets diet. Leftovers should also be avoided - they may make your pets drool, but they can have some costly side-effects including vomiting and diarrhoea - which can end up with a trip to the vets.
  • Create a 'safe space' for your pet. Christmas means lots of visitors and generally a busy, noisy environment; which can upset your pet. Allowing your dog access to a quite room or kennel means they can escape the mayhem.
  • Christmas Tree Tips:
    • Anchor your tree well - you don't want your little one pulling it down.
    • Choose decorations that are labelled non-toxic.
    • Vacuum fallen pine needles regularly - you don't want your pet eating them.
    • Keep cables for Christmas tree lights and decorations out of reach - try using a cable guard to cover cables.
    • Avoid breakable ornaments and small decorations, tinsel or ribbon.
    • Don't use edible decorations - your pets will sniff them out!
  • Say no to mistletoe - plants such as mistletoe, poinsettia and holly are poisonous to your pet.
    • Christmas comes with lots of excitement - reduce this as much as possible by sticking to your pets regular feeding, exercise and sleep routines.

    Incorporate these tips and your pet will love the festive season just as much as you! But just to be sure - make sure you treat them to a present too! Because, who doesn't love presents at Christmas?


    If you are worried about your pet this Christmas just call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.