How To Change Your Dogs Food

Despite their eagerness to eat everything in sight (or within sniffing distance!), dog's have surprisingly sensitive stomachs. If you're considering changing your dogs food, it is important that you bear a couple of things in mind. Changing your dogs food is not a one-step process. It is important not to rush the process and most importantly, it is vital to listen to your dog during the transition. To help make the transition go smoothly for your furry friend, just follow our guidelines below. 

Change Your Dogs Food Gradually

Once you have selected the new food you are going to switch your dog to, you should begin the transition gradually.

  • Mix 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of the old food, feed this mix to your dog for minimum 3-5 days.
    • Tip: your dogs stool (poop!) is a great indicator of your dogs adjustment to their new food. If the stool is firm & normal, they are adjusting well. If their stool is loose & abnormal it is an indicator that they are having difficulty adjusting to the new food. 
  • Once your dog has adjusted to the above mix, increase the allotment of new food. Mix 1/2 of the new food with 1/2 of the old food, feed this mix to your dog until your dog has adjusted to it.
  • Next, mix 3/4 of the new food with 1/4 of your dogs old food. Monitor your dog once more, continue to feed them this mix until you are certain they have adjusted to it. 
  • Once the dog is fully adjusted, you can feed your dog 100% of the new food.

Additional Tips:

  • Generally allow your dog a minimum of 7 - 10 days to transitions foods. 
  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs can take up to 6 weeks to transitions foods.
  • The same transition rules apply for wet and dry food. 
  • If you are switching your dog from a low nutritional food to a nutrient rich food it can be a major change to the system. It is highly likely that this transition will cause digestive upset and loose stool if not changed gradually. In this scenario, it is important to pay additional attention to your dogs needs. 

If you have a question about switching your dog food, call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.