Cat Nutrition

“You need to know your cat is getting the right balance of nutrients to increase her abilities to learn and thrive”Petworld

It is important to feed your cat the correct nutrition suited to their age, size, lifestyle, and cater for sensitivities and specific breeds. It is important to know what to look for in your cat’s food to ensure that you are providing the best cat food your money can buy.

A good way to look at is, always work out the feeding cost per day for your cat rather than the cost of the bag.

Choosing your cat’s food can be confusing and daunting. You need to know your cat is getting the right balance of nutrients to increase her abilities to learn and thrive. We recommend feeding a premium quality dry food to avoid dental and digestive problems which can lead to costly visits to the vets. If you are feeding your cat a low grade dry food, we recommend adding a premium quality wet food or switching your cat to a premium quality dry food!

The main ingredients to look for in your cat’s food are:

Protein: The one nutrient that they need plenty of every day is protein. Choose cat foods that are packed with protein products. Fish, chicken, turkey, egg and beef are the best sources for protein, with muscle meat containing the most protein of all.

Tip: Check the ingredients – If the protein (meat/fish) is not one of the first or second ingredients – the protein may be comming from low grade source!

Taurine: This is an essential amino acid needed for heart, eye and brain tissues. Unlike dogs, cats cannot make their own Taurine and their only source is through the food they eat. Taurine deficiency can lead to death. The best source of taurine is meat, with most cat food manufacturers adding more taurine to the ingredients of their packaged foods, including dry cat foods. Choose a premium quality food with higher levels of Taurine.

Water: If you are feeding your cat only dry food, you can add a little water to make it a moist food. Don’t forget to always leave a fresh bowl of water available for your kitty.

Dry or Wet Food?

This is a subject of debate amongst pet owners. A diet comprised of only wet food means your cat won’t develop strong teeth and gums as it is soft and high in water content. Cats fed dry diets have less tartar build up on their teeth and less gum disease surrounding the teeth. Gum inflammation associated with canned diets causes the tissues surrounding the teeth to recede and the teeth to loosen. The toughness of the dry food will support a healthy mouth for your cat.
Many dry cat foods have a long shelf life after opening, making it a practical choice. Wet food has a short life once the food has been served (that is, you cannot leave it out for the day or it will go bad).

If you feel flustered by the numerous brands of cat food and are unsure which would be most suited to your friendly feline, then don’t hesitate to ask for help at any Petworld store. We’ll be glad to help you pick out the best cat food to suit both you and your cat’s requirements.