Cat care guide: How to care for your cat

If you're a cat person, then you know just how special the bond is between owner and cat. If you've adopted a cat recently, you're probably wondering how to care for your new furry friend. We've created our cat care guide to help you get started.


Cats require the correct nutrition to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The right food will depend on your cats age, health and how active they are. Make sure to choose a high quality food with the right ingredients. All cat foods should include the ingredient taurine as this is essential for the immune system, digestion, vision and heart muscle function.

We recommend feeding your cat Nice 'N' Natural Pure. This range has a variety for each life stage: young, adult and senior. With this range, you’re guaranteed your cat will be eating a food that’s packed full of nutrition and 100% Irish. There are so many benefits, including:

  • Healthy fats and oils which are great for joint, skin and coat care.
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support
  • Contains prebiotics and seaweed to help support healthy gut and teeth.


While cats keep themselves fairly clean, it's a good idea to brush them regularly. This helps to prevent hairballs, improves your bond, and is a good time to check for anything irregular on your cat. If your cat has longer hair, you'll need to groom them a lot more.

Our pet expert advice: If your cat is new to grooming and nervous about it, try using a grooming glove. This glove fits around your hand so you can rub your cat with it. Cats that are more nervous will prefer this method as it'll just feel like some cuddles with their pet parent!


While it's up to the pet parents preference whether they'd like to spay/neuter their cat, it's a good idea to do so. This'll help to prevent overpopulation, which will prevent little kittens from being left without a home.

If you have a male cat, this will help to stop him from marking his territory inside your home. If you have a female cat, this will prevent her from coming into heat - which would result in unwanted male cats coming to your property.

Get a scratching post

Cats love digging their claws into things for a few different reasons. They do it to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to stretch and to mark their territory. If you'd like your furniture to escape unscathed, we highly advise getting a scratching post. 

A scratching post will help to keep your cat stimulated and is good for relieving boredom. 

Veterinary visits

It's a good idea to regularly bring your cat in for check-ups with the vet. If you have a kitten, it's important to take them in for their vaccinations and health assessment early on. Make sure to get a carrier to bring them in the car to make the journey more comfortable. 

Exercise & entertainment

Make sure to always give your cat plenty of attention. They can get obese very easily so it's important that they're getting enough entertainment and exercise. This could mean building an outdoor enclosure for an indoor cat or playing with them for 30-60 minutes a day. As long as they're getting enough attention, they won't be bored.

Shop cat toys


We would advise getting a litterbox, especially if you have an indoor cat. Unless you want to come home to some surprises left around the house for you!

Shop cat litter & litterboxes

Like our Cat care guide? If you have any more questions about how to care for your cat, just call into your local Petworld Store where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.

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