Adult Cat Bundle

Adult Cat Bundle

Do you love spoiling your cat? Most people love buying things for their furry friends. Whether it’s treats, collars, or toys, there’s nothing better than seeing your pet enjoying something new. We’ve compiled some of our best products into something special just for your cat – our brand new Adult Cat Bundle.

Here at Petworld, we have hand selected the Adult Cat Bundle which contains everything your adult cat could possibly wish for. It also creates the perfect set up if you’re thinking of adopting an adult cat. The value is even better in comparison to buying each item individually!


Nice N Natural Cat Adult Salmon 1.5kg

This is a super premium, meat first, delicious salmon flavoured cat food. It’s suitable for feeding from one year to 7 years. This food is super tasty and provides your cat with the best nutrition possible.

Cat Litter Scoop

This cat litter scoop can be used both for filling the litter tray and cleaning out the old litter. It’s made of durable plastic and scoops through easily to remove soiled litter.

Pawtrails Tofu Cat Litter 6ltr

PawTrails Tofu Cat Litter is a non-toxic, dust free, flushable cat litter. Made from food grade quality Tofu, it’s highly absorbent (absorbing up to 6 times its own weight) and clumps together for easy removal of soiled litter. The best part? It’s super eco-friendly – the clumps can be flushed down the toilet or composted.

Embossed Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

A sturdy, stainless steel cat bowl with beautiful embossing. This bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Kitty & Co Spotty Cat Collar

An extendable cat collar with a safety release clasp. Available in various colours. Please leave your choice of colour in the comments box at checkout.

Petface Laser Chaser Toy

There’s nothing more entertaining for a cat owner than watching their pets endless fascination with lasers. This is a great toy for exercising indoor cats. It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for anyone who owns a cat.

Trixie Scratch Me Sisal Border

Every cat needs something to scratch – this Scratch Me Sisal Border is perfect for any cat that is constantly scratching up the couch or other household items they shouldn’t be scratching. It allows your cat to stretch their paws and keep their nails in tip top shape. This product can be hung or lay flat on the ground, with dimensions of 54.6 x 34.9 x 3cm.

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