Adopt a Cat Month: Why Cats Make Great Pets!

You may not know this but June is "Adopt a Cat" month. During June, we are encouraged to give our feline friends a forever home. As you know, choosing the right pet takes time and consideration. There are so many things we need to bear in mind. Be it a cat, dog, rabbit or fish, whatever pet you feel would make a great addition to your home, it's important to make sure it’s the right one. Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider making a cat your new best friend:

Cats are fine living in small houses and apartments:

Cats, unlike many dogs, don’t need excessive outdoor space to run around and play in. They can adapt to a small living space as long as there are some essential elements present. Food, toys and some quality human time are usually what a cat requires. You don’t need much to keep a cat happy!

Cats don’t need walking:

Unlike many breeds of dogs, cats don’t need to be walked. Cats generally prowl around themselves, tiring themselves out chasing toys or exploring your house/apartment. There is an added bonus with this, you don’t need to spend excess money on leads and harnesses, though a collar may be a good idea.

Cat on chair
Cat on bed

Cats do not make much noise:

Cats are generally very quiet creatures, that don’t make much noise apart from the occasional "meow". They're a neighbour friendly animal as they won't be heard making noise late at night. 

Cats offer companionship:

A cat will be there to meet you when you get home, they make great listeners, they will sit on your lap when they (or you!!) want cuddles (like your own personal hot water bottle) and they will sleep on the bed beside you at night. What more could you possibly want? Cats are often quite independent. They will play with you if you want them to, but they’re happy on their own too. 

Cats don’t require frequent cleaning:

Cats are very clean creatures. They spend nearly a third of their waking hours cleaning themselves. Of course every now and then they will require some grooming, but thankfully not very often, as they do it themselves!

Cat on bed
Cat licking paw

Cats make great pets, as do many other animals. No two cats are the same, they are unique in so many ways. If you do choose to bring a cat into your life, it will make it a whole lot better! Celebrate “Adopt a Cat” month by heading out to your nearest shelter or pet shop and taking home a furry, fluffy friend, for life.