Petworld Cork party invite

Petworld Cork is having a Party!

Petworld Cork is having a Grand Opening Party – and you’re invited!  Saturday 7th May from 12-3pm visit Petworld Blackpool, Cork for an afternoon of Family Fun! The crew from 96fm Streetfleet will get the party started at 12noon live from the store.  Have a laugh with the incredibly funny Bozo the Clown.  He will make you laugh and amaze … Read More
Petworld Big New

Petworld is Rebranding!

What’s the Big News at Petworld? Petworld is getting a brand new look! We’ve been to the groomers for a full on glam up! Our Promise to You! At Petworld, we know and understand the responsibility of having a pet in your home. We are always thinking, searching, and staying up to date on how best to care for your … Read More
Petworld is open

Shopping with Petworld during Covid

Important Update 4th January 2022.  We very much appreciate you for making Petworld your choice for your pet’s needs and also supporting a local, 100% Irish owned family run business.  Covid has put huge pressures both professionally and personally on every citizen in the country over the past two years and now we are in the middle of a new … Read More
Stop cat climbing up Christmas tree

Stop Cat Playing with Christmas Tree

It’s quite an impossible task to stop cats playing with a Christmas Tree.  Don’t worry – there are things we can do to prevent utter destruction. They can be cute cuddly and fun, but then switch to curious and mischievous in a second. During the festive season our furry feline friends are as excited as us. That’s why we love … Read More

Christmas Tips For Your Pets

Bark! The Herald Angels Sing!Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year! Fun and laughter, treats and presents, family and friends – whats not to love? This is not always the case for our furry friends. Here are some tips we recommend following to help your loved ones enjoy this time of year: Watch your pets diet. Chocolate, salt, … Read More

Keeping Your Pet Safe And Comfortable This Winter

“Our pets feel the colder temperatures just like us, so keep this in mind this winter.”PetworldWith the changes in the weather we find ourselves taking out our woolly jackets and hats. Although our pets have furry coats, they can be as susceptible to changes in the weather as we are. Any pet owner will know that their pet goes through a … Read More

Petworld Opening Hours & Online Delivery Information Christmas 2021

Online Orders If you’d prefer to shop online, please note that our courier will be delivering up until Dec 24th. We can’t guarantee Christmas delivery on any orders placed after the 17th. Make sure to order early to avoid disappointment!  To make it easier for our customers all the Petworld stores would be open during this festive season. Opening hours … Read More
Halloween pet safety

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Did you know that over half our pets get anxious and scared this time of year?   This additional anxiety is linked to all the loud noises, doorbells, and surprise visitors. Many pets get spooked and some even run off and get lost.  While there are some things we can’t prevent, we can try to minimise their stress. Check out some … Read More

Cat care guide: How to care for your cat

If you’re a cat person, then you know just how special the bond is between owner and cat. If you’ve adopted a cat recently, you’re probably wondering how to care for your new furry friend. We’ve created our cat care guide to help you get started. Food Cats require the correct nutrition to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The right … Read More
dog scratching

How to protect your home from fleas

Cats and dogs need to be treated regularly for fleas. They can seriously irritate and harm your pets if left untreated, causing itchiness, loss of hair and even disease in some cases. If you have performed the necessary steps to removing fleas from your pet, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re finished there! Fleas can attach themselves to other materials … Read More