Take the Squeak Out of Squeaky Toys

So I am going to be the first person to admit that the sound of anyone playing with a squeaky toy drives me crazy, even my four legged best friend. I was somewhat sceptical when the new Ultrasonic Squeaky Toys from Hear Doggy arrived in at Petworld. Claiming to be “The Ultrasonic toy which only your dog can hear” I had to try it out!

On the way home, I’m sitting in the car squeaking to my hearts content, small child and partner don’t even notice, why? Because our feeble ears only hear up to 20 khz (khz is a measure of pitch for anyone wondering). Small child not impressed by toy, I am thus so far undecided. On arriving home, I was greeted by one happy dog and one hungry cat. I unleash the magic of the brand new Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeak Toy.

I choose the Flatties Flamingo, I hate when the dog gets too excited and pulls the stuffing everywhere but these guys have thought of everything, no noise and no stuffing!

I squeak it…Dog looks, ears go back, tail wags, cat looks, ears go back, tail goes up. We have game time, this is brilliant. Just in case you were wondering dogs are able to hear up to 45 khz and cats up to 65 khz. The fun had with our dog and the Hear Doggy toy was brilliant. The peace and quiet which we all had sitting, throwing, catching and generally enjoying ourselves without the usual racket of all the squeaking was an absolute delight! Finally, our dog was able to play past children’s bedtime. She was a very happy girl!

Hear Doggy have been very thoughtful in bringing this range out. They have come up with super bold colours in fun and friendly designs which are both easy on the eye and easy on the pocket. Six differently shaped animals, in each of the two ranges.

They have a plush range which is soft and cuddly for the dog who is accustomed to a more snuggly squeaky toy, with slightly longer fur. These are plumper than the flat range.

While being larger, the plush range are still light enough for the smaller breeds to get about with.

The Flats have a soft almost suede like soft texture to them with a lovely spongy head, so while you have a choice of thick and thin, furry and not each are fantastically quiet and are full of easy to grip pick up spots for your dogs. Fun for human and animal alike. Possibly my favourite thing is the fright which I DID NOT get as I stood on the new Hear Doggy Toy at 3:00am when I had to go downstairs to let our girl out to the bathroom.