Fun In The Sun

Sunny Weather ✔ Playful Pet ✔ Fun Activities ✔ If your pet is behaving exceptionally well, why not take them along to a pet shop and treat them to some nice new toys? The Beaphar Activity Ball and these Kong Toys are our recommendations but any toys you pick up will delight your pets for hours. They may even meet some furry friends … Read More

Petworld’s Free Pet NCT: May 2018

The health and happiness of our pets is of the upmost importance to us here in Petworld. That’s why, twice a year (every year) at Petworld, we offer our customers a chance to give their pets a health check-up, to ensure their pets are healthy and happy. We call these health check-ups, Pet NCT’s, and we offer them completely free! … Read More

Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising with your dog is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Dogs love nothing more than running or walking on an open road, park or beach. It is also beneficial for owner and dog alike as it is a sure way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is known to have a positive … Read More

How To: Measure A Dog For A Coat

It’s cold and you’re in need of a new coat. What’s the most important thing to know before you buy? Your size! Our dogs are no different. Before you purchase your pooch a dog coat, it’s important to measure them for a size first. Due to the variety of dog sizes within each breed we strongly recommend that every dog … Read More

Nice ‘N’ Natural – A 100% Natural Dog Food 🐶

Recently, Nice ‘N’ Natural introduced a treat range to supplement their dog food range. The treat range has a variety of shapes and flavours and is focused on being healthy, tasty and nutritious. The comprehensive new range includes the following: The happy training treats are available for both adult dogs and puppies. The adult version is available in Salmon, Duck … Read More

Dog Walking

Finding the motivation to get outdoors can be tough, but with your best friend (your pooch!) alongside you, it is much easier! Your dog will appreciate and benefit from the exercise and fresh air just as much as you, so why not make a New Years resolution to do it together! Need extra motivation to get out walking with your … Read More